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At the end of the production phase, after the baking, humidification and cutting phases, the large hosts have a diameter of 75 mm. and the small ones 35 mm., both of 1 mm. thickness. The large hosts have one side embossed with one of our classic patterns, or a personalised pattern if desired. Small hosts do not have a centrally placed pattern like the large hosts, but parts of a pattern.
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Papini Officina produces a complete range of technologically advanced, semi automatic and automatic machinery. They offer the highest level of workmanship. All machines are easy to use and are made to the highest EEC standards. The quality of the product, the possibility to create a personalized product, our competitive prices and courtesy have always distinguished Papini Officina. This are the strong points which over the last 50 years have made us a world leader in this market. We presently operate in more than 31 countries across the world, working in close contact with the most important religious and civil organizations. Papini Officina has also introduced a manual mould production line: a user-friendly, high-quality line for limited production needs.